Health Services

The G.O.O.D Medical Center (Gift of Odubayo Odusina’s Daughter) is on target to be fully operational by September 2022.
Contractor – Metricube/Engr Isaac Akinniyi.  

It comprises 15  expansive fully fitted luxury MedSpa suites. Have your Wellness Checks and full Screening Labs conducted in opulence, privacy and comfort.
Delicious order-in meals from our international culinary team headed by Filipino Sous-Chef, Mr. Rey. Cook to order services is a button call away

Our Health Services


  • Massages (Hot stone, Pregnancy, Swedish, etc.) 
  • Medical supervised weight loss programs
  • 1 day stay to 30 days stay plans are available
  • All regimens are under the direct supervision of a licensed Board Certified Medical Doctor and a practicing U.S.A Certified Aesthetician
  • Aesthetics services by
  • Painless permanent removal of unwanted facial or body hair by laser or electrolysis.
  • Acne cure (permanent). Pimples = Acne. 
  • Scar Remediation. Scar made much less noticeable.
  • Stretch Marks Remediation. Stretch marks made much less noticeable .
  • Botox. Instant facial wrinkle remover
  • Hair rejuvenation. ( Baldness cure.)
  • Dermatology consultation.
  • Joggers Club. Free membership

Medical Health Care

Minor ailments , fevers, upset stomachs, cough and cold do not respect vacation schedule.

We’ve got you covered!

Pediatric Health Care 0-25 Years

Location : Lekki. Lawrence Ville.